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 Tutorial to Skip Intro Videos (Nvidia etc..)

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Tutorial to Skip Intro Videos (Nvidia etc..) Empty
PostSubject: Tutorial to Skip Intro Videos (Nvidia etc..)   Tutorial to Skip Intro Videos (Nvidia etc..) Empty2014-03-13, 15:04

I will list two ways of doing this, one is very simple the other takes 30 seconds to do.

First method, and the simplest way:

In your Steam game library view, find Batman Origins and Right click on it, hit the properties option. Now you should be in the General tab, and there is a “set launch options” button, click that and add this string.


Click OK, and your done. That’s it.

Tutorial to Skip Intro Videos (Nvidia etc..) Screenshot-2013-10-27-14-33

Second way of doing this, it a bit more involved then the first. But its how i usually do it.

Go to your Batman Arkham Origins folder, and navigate to the following sub folder.

Batman Arkham Origins\SinglePlayer\BMGame\Movies

Tutorial to Skip Intro Videos (Nvidia etc..) Screenshot-2013-10-27-14-36

I have highlighted the files that needs to be changed or deleted. Now i just rename them by adding a .bak on the end of the file name, that way i know its a file that i have changed.

And that’s it.

No more intros wasting your time, or blowing your ears out.
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Tutorial to Skip Intro Videos (Nvidia etc..)
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