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PostSubject: Lestat_CV's Mods   Lestat_CV's Mods Empty2014-03-12, 14:18

Lestat_CV's Mods 1394726799-anarbobo
Version : 1.0
Replace : Anarky
Download Link : download/bz91bxhehg6t4zo/Anarbobo.tpf

Arkham City Suit
Lestat_CV's Mods 1394726752-arkhamcitysuitv1
Version : 1.0
Replace : Long Halloween Suit (DLC)
Download Link : download/9gi9bi2gr0xh2r5/ArkhamCitySuitV1.tpf

Batman Green Lanthern
Lestat_CV's Mods 1394726751-batmangreenlanternv1
Version : 1.0
Replace : Brightest Day Suit (DLC)
Download Link : download/j3y8jo537ft2j7q/BatmanGreenLanternV1.tpf

Bloody Mess
Lestat_CV's Mods 1394726802-bloddymess
Version : 1.0
Replace : Add blood to characters
Download Link : download/g4f5cm4j82ffljk/BloddyMess.tpf

Lestat_CV's Mods 1394726784-coringav2
Version : 2.0
Replace : Joker
Download Link : download/y25uc6awap0l4tl/CoringaV2.tpf

Dark Knight Origins Black Mixed Suit
Lestat_CV's Mods 1394726801-dark-knight-origins-mixed-suit-lestat-cv-black
Version : 1.0
Replace : Origins Suit
Download Link : download/2d597uhny42yuya/Dark+Knight+Origins+Mixed+Suit+%28Lestat_cv%29+black.tpf

Dark Knight Origins Mixed Suit
Lestat_CV's Mods 1394726807-lestatbatman
Version : 1.0
Replace : Origins Suit
Download Link : download/q4v773a7w2vr7b7/LestatBatman.tpf

Lestat_CV's Mods 1394726796-miscv3
Version : 3.0
Replace : Gotham Logos
Download Link : download/xnsv6vazxhez465/MiscV3.tpf

New Armor
Lestat_CV's Mods 1394726806-new-armor
Version : 1.0
Replace : Origins Suit
Download Link : download/vj4vl0l1syjq6b1/New+Armor.tpf

Lestat_CV's Mods 1394727444-tdkrbane
Version : 1.0
Replace : Bane
Download Link : download/s5qy3h18r3i5ot8/TDKRBane.tpf

Lestat_CV's Mods 1394727442-thugsv3-2
Version : 3.0
Replace : Thugs
Download Link : download/v44nqyqubniilsm/ThugsV3%282%29.tpf


As promised, here is another mod of mine, totally done, but there may be future improvements. It's a big mod, most goons redone, not completely from scratch, but hey, it's a big improvement.

But notice that here is the UPDATED version. the latest and high improvements in various aspects of texture. The default resolution texture is 1024 x 1024. What is very low, now is 2048 x 2048.

But what good I speak? Better show some pictures and comments on them, A LOT OF SCREENSHOTS:

Lestat_CV's Mods 2rf3asz

I made some edits in the color suits the henchmen of the Joker / Black Mask. By changing the color black to brown generates randomness in color tone out, what gives the impression during the game that there are several different clothes, it greatly improves the quality. And let's be frank. JUST BLACK SUITS? It makes no sense for a pompous mafia.

Lestat_CV's Mods Nl2wyb

Need improvements in future versions, of course, but I tried as much as possible to make it as true to clown mask that the Joker wore in the movie Dark Knight.

Lestat_CV's Mods Nmkk20

To be honest, I always thought the symbol of bad penguim. So I decided to put the symbol of a hockey team and adidas symbol on the jacket to give a more realistic impression.

Lestat_CV's Mods Vnl8d2

Redid the texture of the "bandana" and also a slight improvement jacket. Each enforcer using a "bandana" in different style arm, giving a greater impression of randomness to the game.

Lestat_CV's Mods Mbu1ow

Basically, I totally redid the texture of SWAT, leaving her with a darker blue tone, I added some details and changed the logo for the Gotham Police logo used in the movie Dark Knight.

Lestat_CV's Mods 2qu7sb9

This texture is interesting, the armored henchman, the default texture is medium brown in my previous mods changed to red, this new version has the two, giving a much more frightening impression. To match this look, I added the mask of Jason.

Lestat_CV's Mods 2i0aj9c

Use all stars. Be beaten by Batman. I do not know why, but combines with the thugs.

Lestat_CV's Mods 10e4nz7

I did this inspired by a screenshot of Arkham Knight. Looks better than a black t-shirt. But unfortunately, decreases the sense of randomness.

Lestat_CV's Mods O5zw9h

This texture, honestly, I'm sorry to have done it, the good idea is a pothead, but the color scheme ... well ... needs improvement. Suggestions are welcome.

Lestat_CV's Mods 258xu9w

This is one of the best, but still MORE'll improve because the sky is the limit.


Phew, I'm tired. After so much talk (yes, I love to talk) and many pictures, I bet you want the link to download it, and have more, all the martial artists of default game are redone too, well my friends, here it is:

DOWNLOAD LINKS THUGS 3.1: download/1e3g4vdzxsas56t/ThugsV3.1.tpf

Size: 43,7 mb.
You need to run: Texmod.
My config running this mod (and others too): GTX 460, Core 2 duo, 3GB RAM, Windows XP SP3.


I know, it took me a long time to complete this mod, I apologize, but I tried to ensure a minimum of bugs, the highest possible performance and the best graphics quality in this mod.
In addition to the things you already knew (Pepsi, Burger King, Heineken outdoors) I decided to improve the graphic quality of various textures, some small things but very relevant and also increase the sense of immersion in the game. Some textures were unfortunately very poorly worked for WB-Montreal and I remade from scratch.
Some images you already know, and it's nothing new (Pepsi, Burger King, Heineken outdoors), so I will show them the news, with commentary as always.

Lestat_CV's Mods O0xmqs
Lestat_CV's Mods 5n8xh4
Lestat_CV's Mods Mscuo

Here's the new Batcomputer, the texture is 4096 x 4096 with high detail in the lights, buttons and all. Unfortunately the screenshot did not show the new screens of the computers, but I guarantee you will love it. Totally realistic.

Lestat_CV's Mods 33z6613

Visual rusty after all the towers are old and are exposed to bad weather, hence must be rusty.

Lestat_CV's Mods 2v007wn

The texture of these control panels were originally worked very badly, so I decided to redo, more realistically.

Lestat_CV's Mods 30c0ex0

Pirates of the Caribbean, the opera.Something to unite the two worlds, ours and the arkhamverse. This slightly increases the immersiveness.

Lestat_CV's Mods 14174mw

The original relays were very bright, handed the position where they were very easy, was bland, these are more realistic and unobtrusive.

Lestat_CV's Mods X27611

If you notice well, the original texture of the door was very poorly crafted, both the texture and the bump map, I decided to redo to make it as realistic as possible.

Lestat_CV's Mods 2mev88k

Yes, I decided to take advantage of joke.

Lestat_CV's Mods F524j7

Worked much better than the original.

Lestat_CV's Mods 2eph7wz

If you notice well, there's this billboard on the DLC Cold Cold Heart, I just put in place some of the outdoors of Sionis who were with a very poor quality.

Lestat_CV's Mods 27yd1zp

This is self-explanatory, much more detail.

Lestat_CV's Mods 24vmclx

Enigma control panels, redone.

Lestat_CV's Mods 25uqiqc

Riddler? Very Happy

Lestat_CV's Mods 2ecqct1

More immersion in Gotham universe.

Lestat_CV's Mods 2a98c5x

V for Vendetta poster.

Lestat_CV's Mods O10g9t


Lestat_CV's Mods Wlybgl

Honestly ... such an old bridge must surely be rusty, even with all possible maintenance. Even more this kind of metal. Therefore, to enhance realism, put a light rust and bump map more real.


As the mod is too big to not overload the game and generate crashes I separated into two TPF's, they rotate together in texmod. (Remember, to put the two in the texmod list, otherwise just one part will run).
Will be as pictured:

Lestat_CV's Mods 2m2ypvs

Part 1: download/ip5jmd4nt7iudbh/MiscV5Part1.tpf
Part 2: download/2mjp50sc4g566cb/MiscV5Part2.tpf

Seriously, I love suggestions. <3

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Messages : 126
PTS : 3990
Date d'inscription : 2014-03-02

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PostSubject: Re: Lestat_CV's Mods   Lestat_CV's Mods Empty2014-03-13, 13:19

Lestat_CV's Mods added
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Lestat_CV's Mods Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lestat_CV's Mods   Lestat_CV's Mods Empty2014-03-15, 21:07

Mod: A Better Class of Criminals.

Lestat_CV's Mods 4-5-1390926492
Lestat_CV's Mods 4-3-1390926491
Lestat_CV's Mods 4-3-1390926571

Version: 1.0
Replaces: All NPC's
Download Link: download/ss79tyou2yyso71/ABetterClassofCriminalsV1.tpf
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Messages : 126
PTS : 3990
Date d'inscription : 2014-03-02

Lestat_CV's Mods Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lestat_CV's Mods   Lestat_CV's Mods Empty2014-07-25, 12:54

Hi Lestat , i have received your pm what you want show me ?

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PostSubject: Re: Lestat_CV's Mods   Lestat_CV's Mods Empty2014-09-18, 20:05

I downloaded the Arkham City Skin and got it running and the cape is still the original long halloween blue color. How can I fix that?
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PostSubject: Re: Lestat_CV's Mods   Lestat_CV's Mods Empty

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Lestat_CV's Mods
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