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PostSubject: CBWardog's Mods   CBWardog's Mods Empty2014-03-06, 00:50

Name: Burton 89 Noel
Version 1.2
Replace : Noel Suit


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CBWardog's Mods C1zslmvdg60w8dffg
CBWardog's Mods 1unxu8g3yjvs0jyfg


CBWardog's Mods Zvy2pa9bh4679z9fg
CBWardog's Mods Dh1z2aahzsqitz4fg

Details: Well, basically it's just a Black version of Noel, with a yellow belt and the classic logo in the chest, like in the 1989 Burton's movie Batman. The cape texture was replaced with the Origins suit texture and normal maps. Also, i added some normal maps so the logo should look kinda good.

v1.2: fixed the logo position, and the belt and logo colours.

Download Link: ?6x07l0gktevu5df
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CBWardog's Mods
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