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 directx 11

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PostSubject: directx 11   2015-06-23, 09:40

hi i am posting on this forum as the modding questions thread is still locked and unable to post there. i got the game last night and spent a little time playing it. ill have all day tomorrow off work to be able to play. my question is that i searched high and low through all the game folders and i can not seem to find the "allowd3d11=True" to be able to turn it off to make texmod work with this game... i found allowd3d10=False... but not 11. is this game going to be unable to be used with texmod?

Second question i have is that i am able to play all of my other games on ultimate settings perfectly fine on my comp.. however on arkham knight i have to have it on the lowest possible settings and have every option in the graphics options turned to off or low... and even then the game is really laggy when i play and looks so distorted and horrible... i am unsure if i need a new graphics card or processor or both.. i know i have 8 gigs of memory and i am on windows 8 and i did notice the new drivers fix for the AMD customers and have applied that. i also found the fix for the low setting of the framerate of the game and adjusted that from 30 to 60 which did help a lot but the game is still having to be played on the lowest settings and is still laggy in action scenes.

third question (and im sure all of you are wondering how i did everything else but am unaware how to do something as simple as this... Sad ) but i have windows 8 64 bit. and i do not know how to check all the hardware on my comp to see if it really is just the the graphics card i need to update or if there is more. but this is what i found in the device manager screen. not sure if it helps:

ACPI x64-based PC
ST2000DM001-1ER164 (disk drive)
AMD Radeon(TM) R7 Graphics
AMD A8-7600 Radeon R7, 10computer Cores 4C+6G (theres 4 of those?)

can anyone advise?
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PostSubject: Re: directx 11   2015-06-24, 03:53

my quote "i think they are onto us!"
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directx 11
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