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 requesting new skin mods

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PostSubject: requesting new skin mods   2014-10-28, 11:01

is there any Batman arkham knight skin mods for batman arkham city??
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PostSubject: Re: requesting new skin mods   2014-10-30, 10:21

I would really like it if someone could do an arkham knight suit mod for arkham city and arkham origins
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PostSubject: Re: requesting new skin mods   2014-10-30, 21:26

I don't see it happening till after the Arkham Knight comes out, as you would need either high quailty close ups of the armour, or the textures themselves which are in the game.

but I did try to dabble in it using some pictures, didn't turn out very good though
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PostSubject: Re: requesting new skin mods   

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requesting new skin mods
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